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Global Food Challenge
The Global Food Challenge internship program is a leadership development opportunity for college students, in the summer between their sophomore and junior year.

This 11-week internship allows you to work on a business consultation project with mentorship as you visit cooperatives in rural areas across the United States, the Minnesota State Capitol to connect with legislators, and internationally (location TBD) to learn how nonprofits and agribusinesses are working to advance agriculture. You’ll present your final project to a group of Land O’Lakes leaders at the end of your internship in August.
How to Apply
Applications for the Summer 2022 Global Food Challenge are now closed.

GFC Interns With Beth Ford
Emerging Leaders have majored in chemical engineering, agronomy, business and marketing, among other areas. Applicants must come from one of our Global Food Challenge partner universities: Alabama A&M
George Washington University
Iowa State

Kansas State
MANRRS students
North Carolina A&T
North Dakota State University
Penn State 
South Dakota State University
University of Florida
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Meet Recent Emerging Leaders

Here's a sampling of their experience with the Global Food Challenge.
"This summer I researched different universities in the U.S. and Africa to see their potential for partnership with Venture37. I learned about the amazing culture of Land O’Lakes and how they value their employees and allow voices to be heard. I also learned more about international development along with agriculture and how important they are to the world."
Alexander Hall
Food Science
​​​​​​​Alabama A&M
"This summer I was able to learn more about Land O’Lakes and global and domestic hunger, as well as ways I can advocate and be involved with both. I also worked on a project with the College & University Foodservice team to bring Land O’Lakes products to more college campuses. The most surprising thing I learned on the job was just how involved Land O’Lakes is in all aspects of agriculture. I have fallen in love with the cooperative structure, as it makes me feel like I am serving a greater purpose."
Katie Krick
Biological Engineering Major
Purdue University

"I had several incredible experiences engaging with industry leaders on issues relative to global hunger, agriculture and sustainability to help expand my knowledge, as well as share my own thoughts and ideas. In addition, my team was able to provide real-world value to the company through our project which developed a marketing plan for a sector within the dairy foods division."
Rachel Grober
Agricultural Business, Economics and Supply Chain Management Major
Iowa State University

"Over the summer, my team and I worked on a business development project that explored future partnership opportunities and expanding digital platforms for Venture37. On top of working on our projects, we were able to spend a lot of time meeting with other Land O'Lakes employees to learn about the company from a broader perspective, and get a real grasp on the meaningfulness of the work Land O'Lakes does."
Brooke Beinhart
Agricultural Business and Agronomy Major
Iowa State University
Scuyler Zenger GFC Intern
"This program allowed me the opportunity to receive exposure to all Land O’Lakes’ business units, network with professionals working with the company, and gain insight on Land O’Lakes efforts developing a sustainable, food-secure future. I was happy to learn that the emphasis Land O’Lakes has as a company is to serve their farmer-owners and deliver key resources to the communities where their owners live and work."
Scuyler Zenger
Food Science and Industry
Kansas State University
"My team and I researched and analyzed different universities and digital companies with the goal of recommending potential partnerships. To me, it was very surprising to find such a strong sense of community within a company as large as Land O’Lakes is. Every person I had the chance to meet with this summer was extremely kind, helpful, and supportive. It was great to learn that even the largest of companies care about each and every employee."
Emma Nelson
Animal Science, and Agricultural Communications and Marketing
University of Minnesota

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What Is the Global Food Challenge?

Food security is when people everywhere have enough safe, nutritious food to eat every day. It’s a basic human right. But it’s not a reality. And with 9 billion of us by 2050, feeding the world just won’t be possible unless we all work together today.
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